Smartcaregiver Anti-Wandering Wristband

Smart Caregiver Wristband for Anti-Wandering Door Bar System


The Smart Caregiver Anti-Wandering system's patient wristband consists of a waterproof transmitter and band, both are made of durable plastic.

The monitor's wristband is designed like a watch band and has multiple settings to fit your patient properly.

Once the wristband is snapped in place, it cannot be removed without cutting the band itself.

The resident wristband can also be worn in the shower or when bathing.

Both the single and double-bar Smart Caregiver Anti-Wandering Door Bar systems include ONE resident wristband. 

This simple white wrist band will activate the alarm bar when the wearer gets too close (10-14 feet). 

Warranty: 6 Month

Battery: Features an enclosed battery, no battery replacement required

Model Number: TL-2012SR1