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Weighted Shower Curtain

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  • Keeps water in the shower pan

    Reduce water on the floor outside the tub or shower area, thereby reducing risks of falls.

    Weights are sewn into the curtain across the bottom with only 0.5" gaps preventing billowing and spreading of water.

    The curtain repels water and resists stains, mildew, and bacteria. Ideal for roll-in shower stalls and open institutional shower stalls.

    The Weighted Shower Curtain keeps the water where it should be while keeping your bathroom drier, cleaner and bacteria-free. Made of water repellent, protective fibers, this shower curtain is weighted along the full length of the hem. The weighted hem ensures that the curtain won't rise or billow, making the Weighted Shower Curtain one of the most effective water barriers available.

    The benefit - safer and drier floors!

    That means that you save time and labor because it has to be taken down for cleaning less often. However, when it does need cleaning, the shower curtain is fully machine washable! The curtain is also fire retardant, meeting appropriate facility compliance regulations.

Type: Bathroom

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