Motion Sensor & Pager - TL-5102MP


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  • Motion Sensor and Pager System is a simple & economical one-to-one solution for monitoring residents movement

    Installation is quick and easy!

    There is no need for additional wiring, sensor pads, mats, pull string monitors or any other monitoring mechanisms.

    Simply place the motion sensor in an exit, entrance way, by their bed or any other area you wish to monitor. Once the system has been powered, either by batteries or just for the sensor an optional AC adapter Once the sensors infrared field has detected motion, it will activate strictly the caregiver's pager.

    The pager will make a doorbell chime alarm sound. As long as they are both within the systems range of 300 feet. This allows the patients surrounding room or facility to remain a peaceful environment. Free from loud, blaring alerts or alarms.

    The caregivers pocket size pager size makes it easy for the caregiver to carry while tending to their daily routine and responsibilities. Or with the pagers belt clip for additional mobility.


    Batteries & Power

    Pager: 2 x AA Batteries

    Wireless Motion Sensor: 3 x AA Batteries

    Or the Motion Sensor may be powered with a separate 12 Volt A/C Adapter (AC-04)

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