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The SuperPole with SuperBar


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  • Sometimes you need something to pull on or push on to provide that extra support for getting out of bed or out of the tub.

    The SuperBar rail pivots to move with you in safe, small steps providing "moving support".

    You'll notice a greater feeling of stability with the wide horizontal rail providing weight bearing support. The SuperPole with bar can supply support as you get in or out of bed. A gentle lift unlocks the bar to allow it to move. The SuperPole acts as the center anchor allowing the SuperBar to pivot up to 360°

    The SuperBar can lock every 45° to assist with standing or sitting.

    The SuperBar is an excellent alternative to the tub grab bar. It supports you while you step over the edge of the tub. Also, in situations with glass doors where you can not install a clamp-on type handrail, the SuperBar can pivot in and out to allow the doors to close during showering.

    The SuperBar is 16" long.

    This height adjustable pole is held "rock solid" by simple jackscrew expansion (tension-style amount) between the floor and ceiling. The jackscrew is conveniently located at the bottom of the pole and gives a generous range of fit, 93 - 99 inches high. For an additional 21" of height see the Uni-Fit Height Extender. (See the "Accessories" tab for details.)

    Custom heights are also available by special order.

    The SuperPole with SuperBar is easy to install and easy to relocate - no drilling, no screws.

    And it has rubber pads that ensure no marring of the ceiling or the floor.

    There are many SuperPole styles & accessories to pick from.

    Special Notes

    Please measure and assess your need carefully. Once assembled or installed, there will be a restocking fee if returned.

  • Manual

    Click here to see a copy of the SuperPole's instructions.



    Pole: 90" x 1.5" diameter

    Ceiling Plate: 20" L x 2.5" W

    Base Plate: 5"

    Bar: 16" L x 1.5" diameter

    Weight Capacity: 300 lb

    Product Weight: 23.35 lb

    Warranty: One Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

    Batteries/Electric: No


    Compatibility (other devices):

    The SuperPole should only be installed between floors and ceilings of solid construction.

    Do not install on loose floor coverings, in rooms with radiant ceiling heating, suspended ceilings or in mobile home.

    Ok for apartment dwellers since it does not need to be permanently installed.


    Made of:

    Powder coated heavy gauge steel, rubber pads for the ceiling piece, latex free grip

    Item Number: SPB0S

    Made In: Canada

    Brand Name: Healthcraft

Type: Standing Aid

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