Infrared Motion Sensor Alarm - Stand-Alone System - TL-2700


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  • Stand-alone Monitoring

      Stand alone motion sensor is an all-in-one device for monitoring patients and alerting caregivers of a fall risk. 

      The monitor an adjustable swivel bracket for easy installation. No pressure pads, floor mats or pull-string devices required. 

      No cords or plugs necessary uses a 9V battery.


    Versatile Placement Options

    Put the stand-alone motion sensor where you or your patient needs it. The sensor's wireless design means it can go from the bedside in the morning, next to a chair during the day, and back to the bedside at night. Alerting the caregiver all along the way when they attempt to stand, leave their area, or leave the bed. 

    The TL-2700 is battery powered and stands by itself vertically without needing any added support. The sensor is fully supported by its  360° swiveling plastic cradle. The swiveling cradle can by mounted with included hardware. 


    Wide Area of Detection

    This motion sensing exit alarm has a wide field of detection. The motion sensor's field extends outwards around 30 feet from the alarm.  Any movement that interrupts30-foot0 foot field will trigger the alarm. 

  • -Chime Alert

    -Great for bedsides, hallways or doorways

    -Stand-alone motion sensor alarm

    -No cords or wires required

    -Battery Operated (1-9 Volt, Not Included)

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