Smart Outlet with Cordless Sensor & Wireless Remote Alert


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  • The Smart Caregiver Smart Light Outlet will turn on any light when activated by the Cordless Bed Sensor Pad or floor mat.

    The Smart Light Outlet provides a plug for any lamp or light. This light provides illumination whenever they leave their bed or chair.

    Their light will remain on until pressure is placed back onto the sensor pad or the outlet has been reset by the caregiver.

    Never get up and go to the bathroom in the dark again, avoid dangerous nocturnal obstacles


    Compatible with All Cordless Pads & Mats

    The Smart Outlet can be assigned to any Smart Caregiver Cordless Chair Pad, Bed Pad, or floor mat. 

    Here the sensor, light outlet, and a remote monitor are available in a convenient package. 

    The remote monitor (433-EC) can be placed away from the patient and outside of their room. 

    When the socket is activated by the cordless sensor, a wireless signal will notify and alert the caregiver to their movement. 


    Available Systems

    The smart light socket is available with 4 different cordless sensors and the 433-EC remote monitor above:

    Bed Pad - 10" x 30" 

    Bed Pad - 20" x 30"

    Chair Pad - 10" x 15"

    Floot Mat - 24" x 48" 

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