Smart Caregiver Anti-Wandering Door Bar Monitor System - TL-3004SYS


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  • Assures caregivers that their patients are safely inside

    Lights and noise remind the patient they are not to go through the door. No extensive wiring required. Helpful for children with Autism and adults with Alzheimers or dementia who tend to wander.


    The DepartAlert Anti-Wandering System provides peace of mind for caregivers.

    Wandering patients or loved ones can get into trouble if they go outside unattended. The DepartAlert Anti-Wandering System will alert you instantly if someone attempts to open a door. Additionally, the wanderer is reminded, visually and audibly, that they should not be exiting through that door.

    When a patient is wearing the included wristband transmitter and comes within 10 feet of the door alarm, the alarm will sound and lights will flash. The alarm can only be deactivated with a Caregiver Key.


    Magnetic Contact:

    Each system comes with Magnetic Contacts, however, they can be purchased separately if it is lost or damaged.


    Additional Resident Wristband:

    The system comes with one Resident Wristband (Transmitter plus Wristband Strap). If you have more residents to monitor, you will need additional Resident Wristbands.

  • Departalert Anti-Wandering System includes: 

    One Door Alarm Bar with AC power adapter (2 Bars in the Double Door System)

    One Magnetic Contact (2 Contacts in the Double Door System)

    One Resident Wristband Transmitter

    One Caregiver Key

    One Remote Rest Button


    Door Alarm Bar:

    The alarm bar should be mounted next to (and parallel to) the door frame using the included double-sided adhesive strips. It is powered by the included AC power adapter.

    When the resident comes within the "caution area" of the door alarm (approximately 10 feet), the alarm will beep and the lights along the alarm bar will blink. The alarm can only be deactivated with the Caregiver Key.

    (The alarm beep is high-pitched, but not extremely loud, so be sure to test that you can hear it wherever you are likely to be.)

    Place this bar on the wall next to the door and an alarm will sound when the wristband comes within range.


    Magnetic Contact:

    When using this option, the alarm will only sound when the door is opened AND the resident wearing a wristband is within the monitored field.

    It comes with a magnetic piece that attaches to the door and a contact piece with a lead wire that attaches to the Door Alarm Bar.

    This option is particularly helpful if the resident passes by the door often during the course of a day and could cause false alarms. Magnetic contacts will sound an alarm specifically when a door is opened.



    Resident Wristband:

    The resident wristband consists of a waterproof transmitter and wristband, both made of durable plastic. The wristband is designed like a watch band and has multiple settings to fit your patient properly.

     Once the wristband is snapped in place, it cannot be removed without cutting the band itself.

    The resident wristband can be worn in the shower or when bathing.

    Additional Resident Wristbands are available if you are caring for multiple patients. Replacement bands are also available.

    This simple white wrist band will activate the alarm bar when the wearer gets too close.


    Caregiver Key:

    This "key" is used to deactivate the door alarm once it has been set off. Therefore, the caregiver key must be kept somewhere accessible in order to turn off the alarm when necessary. The key is also required to activate the resident wristband.

    Only a caregiver can activate the wristband or deactivate the alarm bar.

    The DepartAlert Anti-Wandering System is an excellent complement to good caregiving practices and is compliant with most regulatory anti-wandering requirements for small facilities.

    It is both a reminder to the forgetful patient and a top-notch alert system for the caregiver. Using this system, you gain extra confidence that your patient or loved one will stay safe and secure.


    Remote Reset Button:

    The remote reset button allows the caregiver to simply reset the system's alert.


    The Double Door DepartAlert Anti-Wandering System includes:

    Two Door Alarm Bars with one AC power adapter

    Two Magnetic Contacts

    One Resident Wristband Transmitter

    One Remote Rest Button

    One Caregiver Key

  • Dimensions

    Door Bar: 32" L x 1" W x " D

    Door Bar Power Cord Length: 6'

    Wristband: 10"

    Transmitter: 13/8" Diameter x 3/8" D

    Caregiver Key: 2" and a 3" chain


    Door Bar: 11 oz

    Resident Wristband: 1 oz

    Caregiver Key: 1 oz


    Door Bar: 1 year

    Resident Wristband: 6 months

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