Smart Caregiver - Timed Bed Pads


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  • Eliminate F-Tags

    Smart Caregiver Timed Bed Alarm Pads help caregivers track the life of their alarm pad.

    When the timed bed pads are used with the TL-2100CP monitor, the caregiver will be alerted 10 days before the pad's expiration date. 

    The pad's alert can reset and will then repeat once every 24 hours until the timed fall monitor pad expires. Once the timed bed pad has expired, the alarm will be unable to reset until a new bed pad is attached. When the Smart Caregiver timed bed pads and the TL-2100CP fall monitor are used together, they are F-tag compliant. 

    Placed underneath the resident, the pad will sense the resident's weight. When that weight is removed from the timed bed pad an alarm signal is sent to the connect alarm monitor. This will alarm will alert the caregiver that the resident has attempted to get up and removed pressure from the pad. 

    The bed pads are connected to the fall monitors with SafeTRelease cords. SafeTRelease cords are designed to disconnect from the pad when pulled, instead of breaking. This function helps prevent the chance of falls, injuries, and trips. The Smart Caregiver SafeTRelease cords are guaranteed for the entire life of the pad. 

    The Smart Caregiver Bed Pads are available in a number of different sizes and life spans. 

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