Smart Caregiver EC1-SYS

FallGuard Economy Monitor & Chair Sensor Pad - EC1-SYS


Smart Caregiver Economy Fall Guard Monitor and 10" x 15" Chair Sensor Pad lets a caregiver know when a resident is beginning to stand.

When pressure is applied to the chair's sensor pad the monitor is activated, when the weight or pressure is removed the adjustable alert will sound and show

The monitor's alert will automatically reset when pressure is reapplied to the chair sensor pad

The Economy Monitor features an on/off switch allowing the caregiver to easily reset the monitor.

The Monitor's "Pad Lost" light will let caregivers know that pad has become disconnected

The Economy Monitor includes 10" x 15" Chair Sensor Pad but is compatible with all other Smart Caregiver Corded Chair Pads, Bed Pads, and Wheelchair Monitors