Smart Caregiver - Cordless Bed Pads


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  • Smart Caregiver Cordless Wireless Bed Pads provide the highest quality alarm pad technology available.

    The bed pad communicates wirelessly to the Smart Caregiver TL-2100G Fall Monitor, the 433-EC Monitor, or the 433-CMU 40 Channel Central Monitor.

    The cordless pads remove any chance of the pad's cord breaking or creating a tripping hazard.

    The alarm pads detect even small amounts of pressure applied to the pad and can send an alert when the resident's weight has been removed.

    The cordless alert pads can be placed underneath the resident's hips or shoulders for accurate monitoring.

    The pad's cordless design eliminates disruptive in-room alarm noise. The pad's cordless monitors can be placed outside of the patient's room preventing loud alarms and disturbing other patients.

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