Smart Caregiver - Corded Bed Pads


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  • Smart Caregiver Corded Bed Alarm Pads provide effective fall monitoring without caregivers present in the room.

    Bed Pressure Pads are placed on a bed under a resident's hips or under their shoulders for an earlier warning. While the resident's weight is on the Bed Pad, it will remain activated. Once the resident moves from the pad to exit the bed, the Bed Sensor Pad will alarm at the Fall Monitor. Fall Alarm Pads are compatible with most Smart Caregiver Fall Alarms. 

    The electronic sensors and components of the Fall Monitor Pad are safely sealed inside an impervious exterior. The Smart Caregiver Bed Pads are available either with standard cords or SafeTRelease breakaway cords. SafeTRelease cords are designed to safely disconnect, rather than snap or break, when undue tension is put on the cord. The SafeTRelease cords are guaranteed to last as long as the pad itself. Using breakaway cords reduces the risk of tripping or injuries from cords.

  • - Unique SafeTRelease cord guaranteed for life of pad

    - No More replacing sensor pads due to broken cords (cords can be replaced if broken)

    - Unique, SafeTRelease Cord separates instead of breaking or pulling cord away from pad

    - Safety: Reduces tripping, entanglement and choking hazards

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