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  • Smart Caregiver Basic Exit Alarm Monitor and Chair Pad is an affordable, fully functional chair monitor. 

    Helps prevent dangerous wandering throughout the night and keep an ear out for your loved one or residents movements.

    Just connect the Basic Exit Alarm Monitor to the chair for setup. 

    When pressure is applied to the chair pad the caregiver will receive 2 beeps, notifying them that the user has sat down.

    When pressure is removed from the chair pad the monitor's alarm will sound.

    The monitor includes a status light to let you know if the pad is disconnected and a low battery light.

    The Basic Fall Monitor comes with built-in strain relief clip to reduce the number of broken cords from accidental or excessive pulling from resident or bed rails.

    The Smart Caregiver Basic Fall Monitor is compatible with all Smart Caregiver Corded Bed Pads, Corded Chair Pads, and Corded Floor Mats.

    The monitor is available here is a convenient and discounted system that includes a 7" x 15" chair pad. 



    Auto-Reset: The Exit Alarm Monitor will automatically reset when the patient's weight is re-applied to the mat or pad

    Low Battery Alert: The monitor will flash an alert light to notify the caregiver that its battery level is low.

    Adjustable Volume: silent, low, or high alert volume.

    The silent setting should only be used when the monitor is used with an existing nurse call light system (433-CMU / 433-EC)

    Battery operated (1-9 volt battery, not included)

    Optional AC power adapter (AC-02)

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