Camel Colored Sloping Coccyx Cushion 513-7939-3700

Sloping Coccyx Cushion


Use this Sloping Coccyx Cushion around the house or in the car to help prevent pain and discomfort caused by pressure on your tailbone.

The sloping design tilts the pelvis forward to restore the natural lumbar curve. 

Whether you recently had a fall, repetitive strain or surgery, Coccydynia is a painful condition that may make sitting excruciatingly painful.

The Sloping Coccyx Cushion is made of highly resilient polyurethane foam and has a machine washable velour camel cover. The sloping design aids to properly align the spine and tilt the pelvis forward, which helps restore the natural lumbar curve. The unique shape of this cushion is what makes it an ideal solution if you suffer from Coccydynia.

It features a cut-out at the back so that no direct pressure is placed on the coccyx, thus reducing the sensitivity and pain associated with sitting for long periods of time.

Coccyx Cushions aren't just for the car. Use them around the house or at the office too. The cover has a built-in handle, making the pillow easy to carry.

15" W x 14" D

Back Height: 3"

Front Height: 1.5"

Coccyx opening: 3" W & 5" D

Product Weight: 0.70 lb

Available Colors: Light Brown

Care/Washing Instructions: The cover is machine washable

Made of Zippered Cover: Velour

Item Number: 513-7939-3700

Made In: China