Skil-Care - Super Sling 2-Handles


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  • Skil-Care Super Sling 2-Handles Transfer Pad facilitate the patient's transfer, lifting, and positioning. The sling reduces a caregiver's exposure to dangerous back injury.

    The sling's friction-reducing bottom eases positioning and transfer. Reinforced stitching at handles. Two-inch-wide nylon webbing for resident safety.

    Durable nylon fabric

    Designed for one caregiver when lifting

    Weight capacity: 200lbs


    Its important before lifting to determine how many caregivers will be required to complete the lift, carry, or move the patient.

    Be certain to follow your facility's established policies for lifting, carrying, moving, or positioning patients.

    Make certain that the patients head is supported (either by postings the Super-Sling beneath the head or by having a caregiver support the head with his/her hands) when lifting or carrying a patient.

    Designed for easy cleaning and are:

    All Super-Slings may be washed and dried at temperatures that do not exceed 180° F

    Do not use bleach.

Type: Transfer

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