Skil-Care - Soft-Fall Bedside Mat Skil-Care - Soft-Fall Bedside Mat Skil-Care - Soft-Fall Bedside Mat
Skil-Care - Soft-Fall Bedside Mat Skil-Care - Soft-Fall Bedside Mat Skil-Care - Soft-Fall Bedside Mat

Skil-Care - Soft-Fall Bedside Mat


This fall mat is comprised of shock absorbing high-density polyurethane foam with a heat-sealed outer vinyl cover.

• High-density polyurethane foam for extra protection against fall-related injuries

• Two easy storage models: a non-folding version that slips under the bed and a folding version with a special strap that secures mat to footboard (strap included)

• Available in folding and non-folding mats

• Covered in durable wipe-clean vinyl


Placed alongside a bed, the Soft-Fail Bedside Mat is intended to reduce the impact of a fall from the bed. According to HCFA, bed rails are restraints if used “to keep a resident from voluntarily getting out of bed as opposed to enhancing mobility while in bed.” When bed rails cannot be used, HCFA suggests, “Placing the bed lower to the floor and surrounding the bed with a soft mat.”

Easy To Use

Place the Soft-Fall Bedside Mat on the floor next to the bed. Two mats will be required if both rails are in the lowered position. Important notice: When using the Folding SoftFall Mat, make certain to place it on the floor with the label reading THIS SIDE UP facing up.


The one-piece mat is sized to fit under the bed for storage. The folding mat may be stored by securing it to the bed’s headboard or footboard, hanging it from a hook, or placing it in a closet.To secure folding mat to bed:

1. The secure buckle of WHITE strap behind headboard or footboard. The black strap should be positioned in front of headboard or footboard. (Illustration B)

2. Place folded mat in front of headboard or footboard and secure buckle.Caution: Prior to fastening buckle, assure that the mat is raised at least 2” off the floor

3. Tighten strap. Be certain that folded mat does not block access to bed controls.

4. Once the straps are secured to bed, they may be left in place when mat is in use

Important Notice

1. It is the responsibility of each facility’s appropriate medical professionals to determine if the Soft-Fall Mat is suitable as an injury-prevention device for a specific resident.

2. To prevent staff members from stumbling, make certain that all staff members, especially those working at night, are informed that Soft-Fall Mat has been placed alongside a bed.

Easy Care

The Soft Fall Mat could be wiped clean with a spray and wipe cleaner. If disinfected, avoid using chlorine (bleach) chemicals.


Inspect the cover before use. Do not use if the cover has cuts, rips cracks, or tears.