Skil-Care - Safeside Fall Mat - Gray Skil-Care - Safeside Fall Mat Fold
Skil-Care - Safeside Fall Mat - Gray Skil-Care - Safeside Fall Mat Fold

Skil-Care - Safeside Fall Mat


This fall mat is comprised of shock absorbing bonded foam with a heat-sealed outer vinyl cover.

• Shock-absorbing bonded foam that cushions fall impact

• Step-on stability prevents falls when resident walks on mat

• Trip resistant beveled edges

• Slip-resistant bottom keeps mat securely in place

• Heat-sealed and glued vinyl cover protects against moisture and bacteria

• Bi-fold design for easy storage

• Includes strap that secures mat to footboard


When bed rails cannot be used, CMS suggests, “Placing the bed lower to the foor and surrounding the bed with a soft mat.” Skil-Care’s SafeSide Fall Mat is designed to reduce the impact of a fall from bed. It features a low-profle/tapered-edge design that permits easy wheelchair roll on and reduc-es the likelihood of a resident or caregiver stumbling as he/she approaches the mat.

Easy to use

Place the SafeSide on the foor next to the bed. Two mats will be required if both rails are lowered. When using this mat, make certain that label reading this side up faces up.

Important Notice

Skil-Care Corporation makes no guarantee, express or implied, that using the SafeSide Fall Mat will protect the patient or resident against trauma.2. To prevent staff members from stumbling, make certain that all staff-especially those working at night- are informed that the SafeSide Mat has been placed alongside a bed.

Easy Care

The Safeside fall mat could be wiped clean with a spray and wipe cleanser. If disinfected, avoid using chlorine (bleach) chemicals.