Skil-Care - Extra Large Slide Sheet - 556058

Skil-Care - Extra Large Slide Sheet


Skin-Care Extra Large Slide Sheet Safe transferring slider sheet aids the caregiver. The slide sheet's low friction bottom makes positioning and transfer safer and easier. 

Reduces caregiver's musculoskeletal injuries. 

Reduces the costs associated with dangerous manual patient handling injuries. 

While also reducing patient falls. Avoid skin shearing and tears while transferring. Reduces patients pressure ulcers

Low Shear stretch, can be placed under patient for extended periods. Waterproof design protects the bed from body fluids.

Easy to Use

Place the slide sheet on the bed facing down. 

Lock the bed position and then position the patient on the center of the slider sheet according to your facility's patient handling procedures. 

Patient Transfer

Using the sheet's handles, one to two staff members can slide the patient over to a stretcher, gurney, etc. 


Do not use the slide sheets to lift patients. Only use the sheet to slide, reposition or transfer patients. 

Patient positioning must conform to your organization's patient handling procedures. 

Do not use the sheet with patients who exceed 400 lbs. in weight. 

Before each use check the slide sheet for signs of wear and replace when necessary. 

Can be wiped clean when using disinfectants

Dimensions: 48" W x 54"L

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.