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ResQUp Floor Fall Recovery Aid


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  • ResQup helps you or your loved one get up off the floor after a fall.

    The ResQUup is an up-from-the-floor mobility device developed and designed to aid patients, healthcare providers, and caregivers. It can conveniently assist in a variety of settings; clinical, assistive care, and in-home.

    The ResQUp is especially useful when the individual does not have the volitional abilities or strength to get up from the floor independently. Using the low-cost ResQUp reduces the risk of injury to both the caregiver and the patient. It also preserves the fallen individual's confidence, dignity, and mobility. Those individuals who are able to manage their fall recovery can retain their daily independence.

    The ResQUp was designed and engineered by licensed Physical Therapist, Dr. Al Peraza. With over 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Peraza was inspired to create a simple, portable, and inexpensive device to assist those with mobility impairments.

    The ResQUp uses an innovative incremental, ergonomically, and the physiologically integrated system made of 4.5" horizontal levels, 3 levels in height: 

    Level 1.  4." 
    Level 2.  9" 
    Level 3.  13.5" 

    It can very easily be retrieved and placed into position while the patient is on the floor.

    The levels make it much easier for an individual to make their way up to a chair height (around 18 inches) by one of 2 ways:

    1. Pushing themselves up the ResQUp’ s levels with their hands 

    2. Pushing themselves up using their elbows with minimal or no additional assistance from a caregiver

  • The ResQUp’s 3 horizontal levels assist the patient’s ascent to a seated position with little or no assistance. It is intentionally designed so that the the user’s shoulders are in the optimal position of strength during their ascent.

    It has sloped leading edges which make the ascent more comfortable for the user and reduce shear forces on bone and skin.

    The ResQUp is ergonomically designed to reduce shoulder, wrist, and hand strain. It features hand grips beneath the lateral edges of each horizontal level.

    Made of Non-slip PORON, the non-absorbing urethane pads offer pressure relief and a padded gripping surface along the lateral levels.

    The ResQUp is made of low-density polypropylene and manufactured using rotational molding methods. This molding method creates the ResQUp's durable composite material that can support 300 lbs while weighing in at only 15 lbs.

    Its simple design includes high-quality stainless steel self-locking fasteners that require no regular maintenance or servicing.

    The ResQUp’s patented design features two inward-folding horizontal levels and a deployment system to reduce its storage “foot print” when not in use and to optimize portability and application when needed.

  • Made Of:  Recycled Low-density polypropylene (plastic) 

    Made In: USA 

    Dimensions Folded: 32” Long x 11” Wide x 13 1/2” Height 

    Dimensions Unfolded: 32” Long x 26” Wide x 13 1/2” Height 

    Product Weight: 16.5 pounds 

    Available Colors: Black, gray granite, brown granite 

    Cleaning: The urethane pads and all of its composite surfaces are best cleaned using medical grade antiseptic soap and water. Never use strongly acidic or basic solutions or organic solvents on any part of the ResQUp. 

Type: Floor Lift

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