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RELAX-A-Bac Lumbar Cushion


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  • The Briggs RELAX-A-Bac provides lumbar cushioning and supports to ease lower back aches and pains.

    The RELAX-A-Bac features an orthopedic design to promote proper spinal alignment and maximum lumbar support while seated.

    The cushion itself is composed of a contoured, highly resilient foam.


    The RELAX-A-Bac cushion also includes a strong composite board insert which allows for increased back support.

    On the cushion's back, there are handy elastic straps to hold the cushion securely to your seat.

    The RELAX-A-Bac cushion is portable, making it ideal for use at home, traveling, or at the office.

    The foam cushion is enclosed in a removable and machine-washable polyester/cotton cover.

    Available Colors: Black, Blue, Burgundy, and Gray

  • Dimensions: 14"x13"

    Compatibility (other devices): Fits most common chairs

    Professional Rating: The cushion's foam Meets CAL # 117 requirements

    Manufacturer: Briggs Healthcare

    Made In: China

    Item Number:

    Black: 555-7302-0200

    Blue: 555-7302-2400

    Burgundy: 555-7302-0700

    Gray: 555-7302-0300

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