Aluminum Reacher with magnetic Tip 26" & 32"  640-1764-0623

Aluminum Reacher With Magnetic Tip


The 26" or 32" Aluminum Reacher are perfect for anyone with trouble bending or limited range of motion

The Reachers are ideal for picking up anything from as small as a dime to as large as a quart bottle.

The Reachers feature a slip-resistant, trigger-style, ergonomic handle.

As well as at its other end a serrated jaw gripper.

Reacher's serrated design offers a secure and durable grip.

The Reacher's gripper also features an included magnet on the jaw tips that allows one to easily lift up lightweight metal.


Length: 26" or 32"

Jaws: 2.5" Opening

Manufacturer: Briggs

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

Made of: Aluminum

Available Colors: Brushed Aluminum

Product Number:

26" Reacher: 640-1764-0621

32" Reacher: 640-1764-0623

Made In: China