Prism Medical Total Floor Lifts 450


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  • Prism Medical Total Floor Lift is a cost-effective, versatile solution that makes lifts easier for both residents and caregivers.

    The lift is lightweight and easy to maneuver with an aluminum frame that provides the highest in weight-bearing capability for a midsize lift.

    A unique carry bar has a quick-release attachment with spring-loaded clips to secure sling straps and allows compatibility with prior Prism Medical designs.

    450 lb weight capacity 

    Power mast and base control for easy operation 

    Lifting range allows for patient to be lifted from the floor and transferred to a raised bed

    Available in 2 Sizes

    Bases come in two versions 4" x 4" casters for maximum control and maneuvering, and 4" x 3" caster combination for a low clearance requirement

    Mast can be assembled in three height mounting positions

    Mast and base are electronically controlled for ease of total operation

    360° carry bar turn capability delivers the most caregiver control during lifting and positioning without interference with the mast or boom

    Electronic's include emergency stop and emergency lowering functions

    Integrated charger or optional wall mount charger is available

  • Model Specification

    (Standard Height Base)

    (Medium Height Base)

    Maximum Weight Capacity 450 lbs. 450 lbs.
    Maximum lifting height 70.9 inches 69.7 inches
    Minimum lifting height 20.5 inches 9.3 inches
    Height to top of legs 5.5 inches 4.3 inches
    Clearance from bottom of legs to floor 3.1 inches 2 inches
    Overall length 52 inches 53 inches
    Distance inside the legs (min.) 23 inches 23 inches
    Distance inside the legs (max.) 41.4 inches 41.4 inches
    Distance outside the legs (min.) 27.2 inches 27.2 inches
    Distance outside the legs (max.) 45.3 inches 45.3 inches
    Reach at maximum height 16.9 inches 16.9 inches
    Reach at minimum height 12.6 inches 12.6 inches
    Maximum Reach-Distance between center of carry bar to front of the mast 23.9 inches 23.9 inches
    Turning radius 55.9 inches 57 inches
    Wheels (dual-wheel castors) Front - 4" 
    Rear - 4" w/brake
    Front - 3"
    Rear - 4" w/brake
    Weight of lift 90.2 lbs 90.2 lbs
    Total Shipping Weight with Box 116 lbs 112 lbs





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