Open Sesame Public or Light Commercial Opener

Open Sesame Public Door Opener


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  • The Open Sesame Public Bundle can be used in many light commercial applications. 


     - School Doors

     - Restroom Doors

     - Apartment Lobby Doors

     - Storefronts

    -  Elevators/lifts

     - Residential

     - Pedestrian Gates


    When the door opener is triggered by the remote controls the door will go through an open-pause-close cycle.

    The system's operator will close automatically against manual opening of the door, like any standard door closer.

    For installation any existing door closer must be removed or disabled.


    Door Opener Bundle Includes: 

    - One Model 233 Operator

    - Two Rugged Wireless Wall Push Pads

    - Wiring Kit Plus Transformer


    Please Note: 

    The Public of Light Commercial Bundle does not include an electric strike plate.

    The plates are available here,  Open Sesame System Door Opener Accessories.

    A wireless and keyless entry pad is also available on our Open Sesame Accessories page

    The pad's easy to change 4- digit combination code provides secure entry without needing a key.



    The Model 233 Door Operator


    Used to open and close the door.

    NOTE: For outward opening door applications with a lintel mount configuration where the door is recessed into the frame farther than the standard length arm can reach. 4 inch and 7 inch longer arm rods are available.

     Available Separately


    Two Wireless Wall Push Pads



    Used to physically open and close the door.  

    NOTE: For outward opening door applications with a lintel mount configuration where the door is recessed into the frame farther than the standard length arm can reach, 4 inch and 7 inch longer arm rods are available.






    Wiring Kit and Transformer


    A low voltage wiring kit, with an AC adaptor, wiring, and a junction box



     Pedestrian Gate Application

    The Bundle's Model 233 door operator can also be used with a pedestrian gate.

    With only a few slight modifications of the arm's geometry and mounting position. 

    Open Sesame Gate Application 

    There are many ways to mount a gate operation, above as an example. But if you are planning using one of our units for a gate application, consultation with one of our teammates is recommended. 


    Unfortunately the Open Sesame door operator is not waterproof, a rain shield or roof needs to be constructed to shield the device from the rain (example to the left).

    The Commercial Door Opener Bundle's Model 233 operator acts like a return spring when the gate is manually opened.

    So it keeps the gate in the closed position. When it is activated via remote control, the door will open, pause for entry or exit, then close after a delay, as all our door operators. It can be used in this manner without a latch on the gate.

    If a latch is needed, then a standard door latch and handle can also be installed on the gate, and an electric strike plate can be mounted in the wall or fence to automatically release the gate latch when the door operator is activated (just like the standard residential package).

    The usual traffic load limits apply for the Model 233 door operator, since the motor is run every time the gate is opened, whether manually or via remote control. Usually we limit it to ~300 openings per day.

  • Special Note:  

    1) The Open Sesame Model 233 is a light duty door operator, meaning that it is not suitable for an environment with continuous traffic. 

    If the operator is chosen to be used in a high usage application it can be rebuilt if necessary, the typical charge for this is under $350.

    The unit runs on an internal battery that is being constantly trickle charged.

    For high traffic applications, consult with us regarding an external power supply that reduces dependence on the internal battery


    2) The Open Sesame Model 233 is provided with a bumper-stop on the arm to limit the maximum travel of the door to slightly more than 90 degrees.


    3) The Open Sesame Model 233 when held open by wind or obstructions will attempt to close for 40 seconds and then stop trying to bring the door closed.

    The door operation is reset by manually closing the door. This turn off mode protects the motor and drive circuitry from overheating.


    4) The current Model 233 operator comes with an adjustable clutch, which can easily be adjusted to suit the needs of the application.

    Occasionally, there can be issues due to wind load (for an outward opening door), pressure differential, or excessive opening/closing resistance due to the threshold and/or weatherstripping.

    In these cases the clutch can be adjusted to provide greater opening/closing and holding force.


    These are light commercial installations. Installed are Model 233 Operators, which act like a spring door closer when opened manually. In the case below, the unit is door mounted, but the door is outward swinging.

    This is called a parallel mount, and requires a special bracket mounted on the top of the door frame.

    Note the door is open much further than 90 degrees, and the arm is not completely straightened out yet.

    This mount gives the door the greatest possible maximum opening angle of 180 degrees.

    The coiled cord is used in these type of mountings because of the wide opening angle.

    In some cases where a parallel mount bracket cannot be used, a pivot pin is installed instead of the bracket.


    Manuals & Technical Specifications

     Detailed Troubleshooting Guide

     Simplified Troubleshooting Guide

     Door Operator Model 233 Specifications

     Door Mount Installation Guide

     Lintel Mount Installation Guide

     Arm Positioning Guide

    Mounting Diagram- Parallel Mounting 

     Programming Instructions

     Open Sesame Brochure

     Open Sesame Owner's Manual 

  • Demonstration Video

    (Demonstration Features the Open Sesame Residential Bundle)



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  • Return Policy

    90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee:

    During the first 90 days after date of purchase, if you are dissatisfied with the performance or the quality of materials of the Open Sesame door operator, you may return the door operator for refund or exchange.



    Delivers within 2 weeks:

    This item ships directly from the manufacturer. Delivery is usually within two weeks.