Mini-GRIP Opener


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  • Rather than buying separate tools to open your jars and bottles, the  Mini-GRIP makes opening any container easy!

    The Mini-GRIP is a portable, universal opening device that helps you to:

    Easily take off lids to your beverage bottles, prescription containers, and kitchen jars

    Open door knobs, icy car door handles, or sticky desk drawers.

    The Mini-Grip Opener is made from non-slip, non-stick textured materials. It includes a hand strap for those with difficulty grasping. You will be amazed how many daily activities that the Mini can help you with. The Mini-Grip by Grip Solutions’ portability makes it easy to carry in your wallet, purse or on you. Simply clean the Mini-GRIP Opener in your dishwasher or sink.


    Height: 1"

    Width: 3"

    Diameter: 4"

    Product Weight: .1

    Color: Black

    Texture: Pebble

    Size: Standard

    Manufacturer: Grip Solutions

    Manufacturer Model Numbers: 20140

    UPC: 852669395894

Type: Extra Grip

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