MedReady Automatic Pill Dispenser with Cell Connection


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  • MedReady Automatic Medication Dispenser with Cellular Connection gives caregivers freedom from worry and wires.

    If you are responsible for a patient or loved one who requires active medication management.

    The MedReady MR-357 and MR-357 FL (with Flashing Alert Light) allows you to oversee and also adjust their medication’s schedule by a secure wireless cellular connection.

    Featuring cutting edge cellular technology, the MedReady can communicate with MedReady’s secure servers without any wires!

    No land phone line or internet connection required!

    The MedReady Dispenser

    The MedReady system features 28 compartments and can dispense up to 4 times per day.

    Each one of the MedReady’s compartments are able to hold up to 9 M& M size pills.

    The MedReady features an extra large easy to view from any angle LED digital clock. The LEDs allow for the display to be visible in any light. Also on the back of the MedReady is a medication cardholder for a copy of the medication within the dispenser.

    When the scheduled dispense alert (90 lb, a little less than the sound a smoke detector can make) sounds the patient will have access to that assigned compartment for 30 minutes.

    The only way to stop this alert is for MedReady’s pill door to be opened. If the pill door is not opened within those 30 minutes, that dose will become unavailable to the patient.

    The standard alarm rings for 30 minutes, but this alarm can also be limited to 3, 45, 60 or 250 minutes. (The door will close automatically when the next alarm sounds.) This helps prevent double dosing.

    MedReady is tamper-resistant. Instead of employing a latch, the system utilizes a real lock and key, and the edges are secure. This deters "fiddling" with the medications by people with Alzheimer's or other memory issues.


    MedReady MR-357 & MR-357 FL Includes:

    - A/C Adapter

    - Rechargeable Battery

    - Medication Tray

    - Blue Locking Lid

    - 2 Keys Telephone Cable

    - Loading rings for 3x and 4x per day dosing

  • With the MedReady MR-357 and MR-357FL the remote caregiver will be contacted and made aware of a missed dosage either by a phone call, text, or email.

    There is a small monthly monitoring fee required to provide MedReady’s alerts and compliance reporting and recording service. The $16 per month fee does not require any long term contracts and can be canceled at any time. (Monitoring is only available in the US and Canada)

    The caregiver will also be alerted if the MedReady loses power or if is unable to complete its proper rotation. Both of these alerts are crucial for the remote caregiver and underline the advantage of the MedReady with Cell connection.

    The MedReady with Cellular Connection connects seamlessly to the included Global System For Mobile (GSM) technology to send and receive real time updates. The connection comes from its SIM card inside of the Medready Dispenser. Once it is activated (instructions tab) the dispenser will be connected with the servers.

    MedReady Inc.’s servers then will be able to send the chosen notification to the caregiver.

    Below are a list of the Caregiver Web Portal features and a link to YouTube video demonstrating its abilities. Also, be sure to check out a demonstration of the dispenser in action under the images and video tab as well!

    Caregiver Web Portal Demonstration (Opens in YouTube)


    Caregiver Web Portal Features

    Summary: View of the current device settings

    Device Settings: Change general device settings and all functions are described as you hover your cursor over the buttons.

    Notifications: Add, edit, and delete notifications that will be sent for a non-compliance event. Choices are emails, text messages, and automated phone calls.

    Alarms: Set and activate alarms, and also trigger early doses.

    Schedule: See the actual compliance data.

    Log: Raw Event Data


    Tracking the following crucial events: 

    Set Time of Day

    Alarm Times and Armed Status,

    Alarm Triggered,

    Taken Time

    Late Notification

    Missed Dose

    Unit Jam

    A/C Power

    Vacation Mode

    Alarm Length


    Refill Complete

    Chirp Status

    Audio Notification

    Visual Notification

    Alarm Test

    Early Dose

    Cancel Early Dose

  • MedReady Manual

    MedReady Dispenser Instructions

    MedReady Cellular Instructions

    Caregiver Web Portal Demonstration



    Diameter: 10.25”

    Depth: 3”

    Pill Compartments: 1” x .5” x .75”

    Weight: 2.5 lbs.

    Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

    Power: AC Power. In the event of a power outage, or short-term travel, it switches automatically to battery back up. When fully charged the batteries will last up to 72 hours

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