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Ponte Giulio - Maxima Folding Side Safety Grab Bar


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Available Colors & Models
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  • The Maxima Folding Safety Grab bar is made of seamless, zinc-plated steel pipe.

    The pipe is coated with an antimicrobial, biocompatible and warm-to-the-touch vinyl.

    The folding bar is available in 3 Different Lenghts: 24", 28", and 33 1/2"

    Maxima Straight Grab Bar Flange 

    Maxima Straight Safety Features

    - Corrosion Free 

    - Non-slip

    - Soft and warm to the touch

    - Different color choices

    - BioCote Antimicrobial Protection

    BioCote silver ion antimicrobial technology is incorporated as an agent into products at the time of manufacture, giving their surfaces protection against a broad spectrum of microbes.

    - Seamless shape (no junctions between the straight and curved parts)

    - Electrically insulated

    - Self- extinguishing

    - Bio-Compatible

    - Recyclable

    - Fixing screws included

    - Comes already assembled (fixing flanges and flage covers are already fixed to the grab bar body)

  • Selecting the specific Maxima safety support for your home or project is easy. 

    First select which color you would like the support and the proper size


    Available Colors

    Maxima Straight Safety Grab Bar Color Diagram 


    Available Sizes


    24" Length

    Dimensions (A x B x C):  5.62" x 23.62" x 11.42"

    Weight Capacity: 330 lbs. 

    Weight: 9.25 lbs. 

    Technical Information

    Product Number: G40JCS09


    28" Length

    Dimensions (A x B x C):  5.62" x 27.56" x 11.42"

    Weight Capacity: 220 lbs. 

    Weight: 9.92 lbs. 

    Technical Information

    Product Number: G40JCS10


    34" Length

    Dimensions (A x B x C):  5.62" x 33.46" x 11.42"

    Weight Capacity: 220 lbs. 

    Weight: 11.02 lbs. 

    Technical Information

    Product Number: G40JCS47


  • Return Policy 

    Restocking fees may apply, dependent upon return inspection.

    Return authorization is required.



    Delivers within 1 Week:

    This item ships directly from the manufacturer.

    Delivery is usually within two weeks. 

Type: Grab Bar

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