Mangar Surfer Bather mangar surfer bather diagram mangar surfer bather lifted
Mangar Surfer Bather mangar surfer bather diagram mangar surfer bather lifted

Mangar - Surfer Bather


The Mangar Surfer Bather is a battery powered, stable, elevating bath lift designed for children.

The Surfer's bath lift raises and lowers your child easily, at the touch of a button.

The Mangar Surfer Bather can reduce your stress and your child's chance of injury when lifting them in and out of the bath. It is specifically designed for children with limited upper body stability. The Surfer's adjustable backrest, together with straps if necessary, provide full support.

It will hold your child securely in the Surfer's seat during the transfer into, out of the bath, and during the bathing process.When fully lowered, the child can even lie down at the bottom of the bath.

The Surfer Bather's goal is that bath time should be a time to play, unwind, and strengthen your bond with your child.

The Surfer Bather's lightweight and portable design means you can take it with you while on vacation or travelling.

Mangar Surfer Bather Components

Mangar Surfer Bather Diagram

Safety Feature

The battery powered system will prevent the system's down button from operating if the compressor's charge is too low. This safety feature prevents an incomplete deflation and inflation.

For a full charge, it is recommended to charge the Airflo MK3 overnight. The Airflo MK3 is designed to complete 10 bathing cycles on a full charge

The Surfer Bather's pneumatic technology is powered by the low pressure, Airfo MK3 air compressor. The Airflo MK3 is controlled by the easy to use 2-way hand control.

The Airflo MK3 includes 1 x 12 v rechargeable battery, a battery charger, and 2-way hand control.Features a visual battery status indicator.  If the Airflo Mk3's charge is too low the down button on the hand control will not work. For a complete charge, charge the battery overnight before first using. The Airflo is charged using the included, AC 100 v - 240 v charger.


Maximum User Weight: 112 lbs.

Maximum User Height: 4' 5"

Overall Length: 44"

Platform Width: 16" / 27"

Maximum Height: 17"

Minimum Height: 2.5"

Backrest Angle: From flat to 70 degrees maximum

Weight of Platform: 9 lbs.

Weight of Scissors: 12 lbs.

Weight of Airflo MK3: 10 lbs.


The Surfer Bather: Following use, fully inflate and rinse the Surfer with clear water to remove and soap and impurities.The Surfer Bather can be cleaned with a proprietary liquid cleaner or disinfectant. Then wipe dry or leave to air dry. Do not dry the system with hot air.

Foam Inserts: Follow the foam insert's care label instructions. They should be removed and hand washed with warm water and thoroughly rinsed in clean water to remove all soap deposits. Gently squeeze the foam inserts to remove excess water and leave to dry.



All parts should be pre-cleaned, while the bellows are fully inflated, with detergent and water. Then they can be disinfected by using a proprietary sterilizing solution or any antibacterial cleaner. Rinse after disinfecting. Do not dry the system with hot air.


1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


Delivery is typically within 2-5 business days:

This item ships within 1 business day, UPS Ground delivery is included in the Domestic US. Delivery is usually within 1 week. Please allow one business day for your order to ship.

Additional express delivery options are available at checkout. Express delivery options are calculated off of the Surfer Bather's shipping weight and zip code of delivery.

Return Policy

The Mangar Surfer Bather is available for return within 30 days of delivery.

But unfortunately, due to the nature of this system, a restocking fee may be applied upon its strict inspection. The system is unable to be returned once it has been used. The system must be in a resealable, like new condition.