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  • The Mangar Sit-U-Up is designed to enable the user to be raised up either on their back or on their side, this is an uncomplicated simple to use pillow lift to raise and lower a person in bed.

    The Sit-u-Up, features a structured backrest offering a more supportive option. It is designed to elevate a person smoothly and steadily in bed either on their back or side.The Sit-U-Up’s structured backrest is ideal for those who need extra support but do not want to compromise on comfort.

    For those who prefer a completely inflatable back, the Mangar Handy Pillow Lift is a great alternative

    The Sit-U-Up sits on top of the mattress enabling it to be fitted to any size bed and does not cause any disturbance to a second person in a double bed. When fully deflated the user can lie down completely flat, making it a simple and cost effective solution to a profiling bed. The Sit-U-Up pillow lift is operated by low air pressure using the included portable Airflo power source. 

  • Features

    The Sit-U-Up features a Stable and compact structured back-rest

    The lift simply sits on top of your mattress

    Designed for use on single or double beds

    It is lightweight (10.5 lbs) and separates into two parts for storage or travel

    Includes a black nylon carrying case for the backrest and remote

    The Sit-U-Up's quilt provides both comfort and support

    Anti-slip pillow holder

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Type: Bed Lift

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