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Mangar - Elk Lifting Cushion System


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  •  Mangar Elk Lifting Cushion inflates underneath an individual has fallen in a safe and dignified manner to an elevated sitting position.

     The easy to use portable Elk Patient Lift reduces the chance of caregiver injury performing hazardous patient lifts.

     The Elk's Air cushion system uses a battery powered air compressor to swiftly (roughly 2 minutes) lift one from the floor.

    Once inflated the Elk's seat is roughly 22" high. Ideal for transfer to a chair, wheelchair, or standing position.

    The Elk's compact inflatable cushion is designed for use in tight spaces.

    Once inflated, the cushion measures 22.5" wide, 22" high, and 19.7" long (the direction the patient faces while seated on the cushion).

    Allowing it to inflate in spaces where other patient lift devices cannot fit, such as in bathrooms, between beds and walls, and narrow hallways.

    Its size does not sacrifice its power. The Mangar Elk can support up to 992 lbs.

    The Mangar Elk: Quick Fall Response

    The Mangar Elk Emergency Lifting Cushion is easy to use and inflates quickly when you need it! 

    Minutes count following a fall. Preserve patient's confidence in their balance and their dignity. Avoid making your loved endure a lengthy wait for an emergency response or additional assistance. Get them back up on their feet or back into their chair fast!

    Mangar Elk Value

    When evaluating patient floor lifts, it is difficult to avoid the Elk's overall value

    - The average cost of a mechanically fixed rail lift system $4,000 PER each room.

    - The average cost of a mechanical lift, roughly $3,000-$6,000 per lift.

    - The average cost for an EMS or Fire Department response to your home or facility.

    The Mangar Elk is an investment for you or your loved one's long-term well-being and independence.

    LiveOakMed's team of experienced Mangar Lift specialists are here to ensure that you and your system will be ready when it is needed.



    The Mangar Elk is covered by a manufacturer warranty. If a defect occurs that is the fault of the product or equipment. The product will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the manufacturer, following inspection.

    Elk Cushion: 2 Years

    Airfo 24 Compressor: 2 Years

    Airflo 24 Battery: 6 Months


    New Extended Warranties:

    New extended manufacturer warranties are now available

    Extended Elk and Airflo 24 Warranty

    The 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year warranties are in addition to the above terms. 

    For example, a 1-year extended warranty would provide in total 3 years of coverage for the cushion and compressor following its purchase. 

    Please contact us to find out more details about these new extended warranties.

    From our Mangar Experts, a guide to extending the life of your patient lift.  

  • The Inflatable Cushion

    The Elk's inflatable cushion is lightweight, weighing only 8 lbs. The cushion rolls up into itself for easy storage and carrying.The cushion's stability bar (used during inflation) keeps the cushion securely rolled into itself while not is use. There is also a convenient space inside of the rolled up cushion where you can store the system's 4-way hand control and air hose. Just simply unclipping the flap unfurls the cushion and presents the 4-way hand control and air hose, ready to respond quickly.

    The cushion's dimension's while inflated: 22.5" wide x 22" high x 19.75" diameter (the direction the patient faces while seated). 

    The cushion's dimension's while deflated: 24.5" wide x 4.5" wide x 10" diameter

    On the underside of the cushion, there is also a brief instructional diagram and important warnings for a quick reminder during use.

    To clean the cushion, while it is inflated, use a sponge and detergent solution. Dry the cushion thoroughly before storing in a warm place. Do not dry the Elk cushion with hot air. To disinfect the cushion, sponge with a disinfectant solution or alcohol impregnated wipe. Do not dry with hot air following disinfecting.


    The New Airflo 24

    The Airflo 24 is a battery powered air compressor that inflates the Elk's cushion. The Airflo 24 is a durable plastic shell with an easy to carry, sturdy briefcase style handle.

    The Airflo 24 weighs 9 lbs, performing at least 3 full lifts of the Mangar Elk Cushion from a full charge. 

    Its power source, 1 replaceable 24-volt batteries, are monitored by the Airflo's internal microprocessor. The 24-volt batteries can quickly be released and charged via the optional charging cradle.

    The battery's 4 level status light shows its level of charge 

    The battery needs to be recharged whenever the indicator light is flashing green to ensure a complete inflation in an emergency. To maintain a complete charge, it is strongly recommended to keep the Airflo 24 continuously on charge.

    The internal microprocessor will also monitor the battery's level during charging, preventing overcharging. Includes 1 Battery Charger and multiple plug adaptors for use in different regions. Due to the amount of required energy, the Airflo 24's charger is unable to directly power the cushion's inflation.


    Mangar Elk Lift Manual

    Mangar Elk Lift Instructions

    Return Policy

    The Mangar Elk may be returned within 30 days of shipment.

    Please measure and assess your needs carefully. The Elk must be returned in a resealable, like-new condition. Depending upon the condition of the returned Elk, there may be a restocking fee applied.

    The restocking fee would be included at the discretion of LiveOakMed following the returned Elk's inspection and return circumstance.

    Product Availability

    Delivery is typically within 2-5 business days:

    This item ships within 1 business day, UPS Ground delivery is included in the Domestic US. Delivery is usually within 1 week. Please allow one business day for your order to ship.

    Additional express delivery options are available at checkout. Express delivery options are calculated off of the Elk's shipping weight and zip code of delivery.

  • A Practical & Cost-Effective Solution: For Caregivers 

    Avoid costly and dangerous manual patient lifts.

    The Mangar Elk is a cost-effective, safe, patient lifting solution.

    The Elk's 4 chambers decrease the most hazardous lifts to a caregiver's musculoskeletal system. Lifting a person from the floor, especially repeatedly, puts extreme stress on a caregiver's joints, back and muscles. This stress puts the caregiver's ability to give care in risk with each lift. Musculoskeletaletal injuries can take extended periods of time to heal.

    During the caregiver's recovery care, costs can spike. Costly substitute care, overtime for existing staff, the caregiver's medical costs or relying on ambulance visits.

    Browse the case studies from a variety of organizations that have utilized the Mangar Portable Patient lifts around the world.

    Assisted living home administrators, Ambulance service chiefs, and our own customers (at the bottom of this page) all agree that the Mangar Patient Lift is an effective patient lift.

    Mangar Patient Lift Case Studies & FAQs

    Learn more about the Mangar Camel Portable Patient Lift with Backrest

    Also, what are the differences between the Mangar Elk and Camel Lift Cushions?

  • A Graceful & Safe Choice: For Independence

    Patient's quality of care improves when safe patient handling technology is introduced. The Mangar Elk's design preserves the patient's physical safety and dignity during the lift. The Elk's lift will reduce the danger from an unsuccessful manual lift. An unsuccessful manual lift can cause falls, friction burns, bruises, and dislocated shoulders.

    Preserve the patient's poise after a fall. Avoiding the expensive, enormous mechanical lifts, which practically dangle the patient while being lifted. Or, having an entire ambulance team arrive to lift them following a mild fall. Any of these factors can add to a patient's growing embarrassment or anxiety about falling. With increasing worry about potentially falling, many will begin to avoid walking or leaving their home altogether.

    Their decreasing daily activity level will then lead to weaker walking muscles and joints and an increased chance of falling. Reduce repeated fall response costs, preserve patient's and caregiver's musculoskeletal health, all for an effective investment.

    Learn more about the Mangar Camel Portable Patient Lift with Backrest

    Also, what are the differences between the Mangar Elk and Camel Lift Cushions?

Type: Floor Lift

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