Briggs Healthcare IV Pole 45-624-060

I.V. Pole


An I.V. Pole can be used for hanging something other than medicines.


    This double hook I.V. Stand is constructed of anodized aluminum, with a weighted base to prevent it from tipping.

    The four wheels allow you to easily roll it out of the way when it's not in use.

    The unique traction grip on the IV Pole allows you to adjust the height from 46" to 84" in unlimited increments.

    It also allows you to lock the circular hooks in place once they are set at the height you need.

    Aside from the designed use (hanging an intravenous solution), an IV Pole can also be used to hang the EZ-Shower Water Bag so that you can shampoo or rinse off without having a sink or shower nearby.

    It could also be used for other tasks, like steaming clothing or holding macrame while you work on it.

    Height: Adjustable from 46 to 84"

    Made of: Anodized Aluminum