In Motion Forearm Crutch Stander 7002

Stander - In Motion Forearm Crutch


Millennial Forearm Crutch have the latest in spring-assisted crutch technology with the design of traditional crutches.

By incorporating the anatomical handle design famous on all Millennial crutches, the Millennial Forearm is the most comfortable forearm ambulatory assistance device available. 

Features In-Motion’s Patented S.A.T. (spring assisted technology) Design

The ergonomic/ anatomical design of the In-Motion Forearm contours to the shape of the hand, and positions the wrist in it’s natural position, aligning the 3rd metacarpal and radius.

The ”V” design of the cuffs allows easy entry, and enables the cuffs to “grab” any forearm size, giving users complete use of their hands while keeping the crutch accessible.

Supports up to 400 lbs.

Floor to Handle adjusts from 28” to 40” (Junior Pair - 21" - 28.5") with 13 different height positions.

The forearm cuff also has 4 height positions, to allow the cuff to be in a comfortable position

Length: 28” - 40"

Width: 6"

Diameter: 1.5"

Product Weight: 4 lbs (pair)

Junior Pair

Length: 21" - 28.5"

Width: 6"

Diameter: 1.5"

Product Weight: 4 lbs