Stander - In-Motion Underarm Crutch


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  • Underarm cradle design enhances stability and reduces underarm fatigue and soreness

    Grip has a soft sculptured foam handle for comfortable palm support

    Ergonomic hand grip allows good blood flow and decreases strain injuries

    Shock absorbing, articulating tips reduce stress, fatigue, and soreness while offering a better grip on the ground

    Reduces back, shoulder, elbow, arm and wrist pain

    Folding design makes it easy to store whether in a restaurant, airplane or in the trunk of your car


    No more uncomfortable crutches!

    It's time for a new style of crutch - the In-Motion Crutch!

    There are so many great features to make this crutch more comfortable for your body with less stress, fatigue, and injury.

    Underarm support -  Well-designed and nicely cushioned, providing support and stability while reducing underarm fatigue and soreness.

    Handle - Ergonomically designed to be easier on the wrist, arms and carpal tunnel area thanks to a slight downward angle that helps align the bones in the arm and hand.

    Spring assist crutch base - Acts as a shock absorber for your crutch, reducing impact and giving a little spring to the step as the crutch lifts. The spring assist helps users maintain correct posture throughout their gait and reduces the underarm jarring most other crutches produce.

    Articulating tips - Designed to move just like a human joint, the articulating tips provide better contact with the ground, even when used on an angle. Also enables a smoother gait.

    Folding crutch design - Allows users to fold their crutches and put them out of the way in restaurants, airplanes or other small spaces. Does not require any adjustments before folding.

    This is the new wave of crutches!
  • Available Sizes

    The Standard Model, 7000:

    Designed for people 5'7" to 6'7"

    Height (floor to underarm cradle): Adjustable from 50" to 62"

    Handles: Adjustable from 14" to 21" below the cradle

    The Jr. Model, 7001:

    Designed for people 4'7" to 5'7"

    Height (floor to underarm cradle): Adjustable from 42" to 50"

    Handles: Adjustable from 11.5" to 16" below the cradle

    Weight Capacity: 500lbs 


    Product Weight

    Standard Model, 7000: 2.5 lbs/crutch

    Jr. Model, 7001: 2 lbs/crutch

    Warranty: One year manufacturer's warranty

    Made of: Aluminum/Molded plastic/Stainless Steel

    Brand Name: Stander

    Warranty: Against break

    Color: Charcoal

    Manufacturer's Model Number: 7000, 7001

Type: Mobility

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