Heavy Duty Nail Nippers


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  • The Heavy Duty Nail Clippers easily cut through tough nails but are still gentle enough to trim delicate cuticles.

    - Cuts through thick toenails.

    - Easier to hold than folding nail clippers.

    - Handles provide greater leverage as you squeeze.


    Need some extra leverage or strength to trim your hard-to-cut toenails?

    Thick toenails are difficult to cut with standard folding nail clippers.

    The 4" long handles on the Heavy Duty Nail Nippers provide extra leverage, so less strength is required!

    You can use your whole hand to squeeze, but the job can also be accomplished with just two fingers applying pressure.

    Podiatrists often recommend a heavy duty nipper style nail clipper because the jaw has a nice, sharp edge that can cut through tough nails.

    The pointed end is also helpful for trimming ingrown toenails. The Heavy Duty nail clippers can also be used to nip hangnails and shape your cuticles for total nail care.

    Take better care of your nails and cuticles, even when they are difficult to cut, with the Heavy Duty Nail Nippers!

    Special Notes: Safety lock keeps the clippers closed when not in use.

  • Overall Length: 5"

    Handle Length: 3"

    Closed Width: 2"

    Open Width: 3"

    Product Weight: 4.5 oz

    Warranty: Live Oak 30 Day Return Policy


    Made of: Stainless Steel

    Item Number: 539-5406-0000

    Made In: Taiwan

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