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  • The Hand GRIP is an easy to use tool for those with trouble grasping.

    The Hand GRIP makes daily activities easier like:

    -  Brushing your teeth

    - Eating with a fork or spoon

    - Combing your hair

    - Pens or Pencils

    - Using other hygiene produces

    An innovative alternative to using material and wrapping it around your hand to keep the utensil in place.

    Uses an adjustable hand strap and a non-slip, non-stick surface, which assists greatly in grasping a utensil with stability. The Hand GRIP’s sleeve has four different slits in it for thinner items like eating utensils or press to fit into, without having to adjust the sleeve. The Hand GRIP comes ready to use out of the package and can be reused as you perform activities throughout the day.

  • Height: 1"

    Width: 5"

    Diameter: 1.5"

    Product Weight: .1 lb. 

    Color: Black

    Texture: Pebble

    Size: Standard

    Manufacturer: Grip Solutions

    Manufacturer Model Number: 20175

    UPC: 852669395863

Type: Extra Grip

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