Grande Toilevator: A Raised Seat Alternative


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  • The Grande Toilevator is specifically designed to be installed on most round newer and larger base toilets.

    The Grande's technical drawing here to see it fits your newer toilet if not the Original Toilevator can help here. 

    Raises the toilet 3.5" and has been designed as a stable, dignified, cost-effective and easy to install toilet support.

    A fantastic alternative to unsightly and hard to clean elevated toilet seats.

    Designed for those with mobility issues like arthritis or those who use a wheelchair

    No special cleaning or maintenance is required.

    Simple installation, the Grande Toilevator comes with a complete do-it-yourself kit

    Features of the Grande Toilevator:

    - Alternative to elevated toilet seats

    - Easily mounts under your existing toilet

    - Constructed of injection Molded Plastic

    - Off white in color - Can be painted

    - Economical - no need to replace existing fixture

    - Complies with Building Code and A.D.A Requirements

    - Non Obtrusive

    - Aesthetically Pleasing

    - Simple to Install

    - No Plumber Required

    - Promotes Safety

    - Very stable

    - Supports users up to 500 lbs

    - Provides for Easier Cleaning

    The Toilevator system was designed by the world-renowned Center For Studies In Aging (member of the Ontario Rehabilitation Technology Consortium).

    This easy-to-install, universally designed modification Grande Toilevator kit will fit most round or elongated bowls.

    Grande Toilevator System Includes:

    1 x Spacer Base 

    1 x Soil Pipe Extension

    2 x Long Closet Bolts

    2 x Plastic Washers

    4 x Hexagon Nuts

    4 x Flat Washers

    2 x Trim Caps

    2 x Wax Seals

    1 x Extended Flexible Water Hose

    1 x Installation Instructions 

  • Manual & Specifications

    Toilevator Grande's Installation Manual

    Toilevator Grande's Technical Specifications


    Special Notes

    The Toilevator Grande is specifically designed for newer elongated base toilets.

    For older or un-elongated base toilets please visit the Standard Toilevator page here



    Length: 28"

    Height: 3.5"

    Width: 11.5"

    Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

    Product Weight: 9.1 lbs

    Brand Name: Toilevator

    Model Number: AH-350

    Color: White 

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