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EZ-SHOWER Bedside Shower


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  • The EZ-Shower has been developed to provide an overhead, bedside shower where a source of water is unavailable.

    Easily hang the bedside shower from an I.V. pole or bedpost.

    The shower holds 2.5 gallons of warm tap water, plenty for a complete shampoo and rinsing.

    The EZ-Shower is made from heavy-duty, latex free vinyl.

    Includes a 1-year limited warranty.

    The EZ-Shower is the ideal compliment for the EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Basin


    Ideal Capacity

    The EZ-Shower holds up to 2.5 gallons of warm tap water, enough water for a complete shampoo and rinse.


    Flexible Hose

    Guides a gentle stream of water exactly to where the user needs.

    The 2 foot hose also has an on/off switch to control the hose's flow of water


    Built-In Handle

    The EZ-Shower's built-in handle makes it very easy to carry to any bedside.



    Dimensions:  13" x 19"

    Capacity:  2.5 gallons

    Material: Heavy Duty Vinyl

    Color:  White

    Warranty: 1-Year 

Type: Bathroom

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