Easy Mount Grab Bar Easy Mount Grab Bar Easy Mount Grab Bar Easy Mount Grab Bar
Easy Mount Grab Bar Easy Mount Grab Bar Easy Mount Grab Bar Easy Mount Grab Bar

Easy Mount Grab Bar


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  • Easy Mount Grab Bar: ADA Compliant

    The Easy Mount Grab Bar provides secure support to assist you anywhere around the house

    While other Grab Bars have the standard three hole (flanges).

    The Easy Mount Grab Bar has 9 holes, which allows for increased versatility during installation.

    The Easy Mount Grab Bar's 9 holes allow for an increased variety of mounting options.

    The extra holes let you install the bar at an angle and where stud spacing may vary from 16" centers.

    It is very easy to add an additional mounting screw for peace of mind.

    The flange covers conceal the Easy Mount Grab bar's screws for a modern and simple finish. 

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    Available in Two Different Colors and 4 Different Lengths ( 18", 24", 32", 36")

    White Powder Coat

      Easy Mount White Grab Bar G125SW18F9

    Stainless Knurled

    Easy Mount Stainless Knurled Grab Bar G125SK18F9 

  • Features

    Easy Mount ADA Grab bars can be installed anywhere

    The sturdy Grab Bars provide a more safe and sturdy environment

    The Easy Mount's 9 flanges provide for a variety of mounting options

    The Flanges are also compatible with diverse grab bar fasteners

    The Easy Mount Grab Bar meets or exceeds ADA Guidelines

    It is made of rust-proof, stainless steel, easy for cleaning

    The Easy Mount's design covers the fasteners for a smooth look

    Caregiver Tips

    The most common grab bar set up is for a vertical grab bar at a bathtub's entry point with an additional horizontal grab bar along the back wall

    The Easy Mount Grab Bar comes in a variety of lengths to work for different bathroom layouts and stud spacings.

    The Knurled Grab bar offers a diamond pattern texture. This surface offers better grip when the bar is wet

    It is strongly recommended to inspect and tighten the mounting screws on a regular basis 

  • Installation


    1. Fasten the Easy Mount Grab Bar to its structural studs with appropriate fasteners for wall construction

    Easy Mount Grab Bar Installation 1Easy Mount Grab Bar Installation 2 

    2. Slide the Grab Bar's cover over the flange to conceal its mounting screws

    Easy Mount Grab Bar Installation 3 

    3. Inspect the Easy Mount Grab Bar's hardware regularly and tighten if necessary

     Easy Mount Grab Bar Installation 4

  • Technical Information 

    Bar Diameter: 1.25" (ADA Compliant)

    Bar Lengths: 18", 24", 32", and 36"

    Wall Clearance: 1.50" (ADA Compliant)

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Available Colors: White or Knurled

    Weight Capacity:

    32" and 36" Length: 400 lbs.

    18" and 24" Length: 500 lbs.

    Contractor Installation is Recommended

  • Additional Images

     Easy Mount Grab Bar Installed in Bathroom Tub G125SW36F9


    Easy Mount Grab Bar Installed in Bathroom Tub G125SW32F9

     The Easy Mount Grab Bar's Cover Hides the Mounting Screws

    Easy Mount Grab Bar Cover For Screw G125SW32F9

    9 Hole Flange Offers a Variety on Installation options  

     Easy Mount Grab Bar 9 Hole Flanges G125SW32F9

  • Return Policy

    20% Restocking:

    Please measure and assess your needs carefully. Once assembled or installed this item is not returnable. If returned unassembled/installed, there will be a 20% or more restocking fee.


    Delivers within 2 weeks:

    This item ships directly from the manufacturer. Delivery is usually within two weeks.