Smart Caregiver - Early Warning Seat Belt Alarms


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  • Smart Caregiver Early Warning Seat Belt Alarms compatible with all Smart Caregiver Corded Fall Monitor Systems.

    The seatbelt signals a fall monitor to when the resident unbuckles the easy release buckle or unfastens the hook and loop strap.

    Ideal for monitoring resident's wheelchairs and provides additional postural support.

    Compatible with a standard, corded fall monitor mounted to the chair

    When used with a Wireless Fall Monitor TL-2016R, the seat belt triggers the Wireless Fall Monitor to signal a caregiver pager directly. No central monitor required.

    For facilities that utilize central monitoring, the Wireless Fall Monitor can signal the Central Monitor Unit (TL-2015R2), alerting the caregiver of which resident's seat belt was opened.

    Available in 2 Different Alert Styles

    Easy Release Seat Belt TL-2109 - Adjustable from 20" - 54"

    Hook & Loop Seat Belt TL-2109V - Adjustable from 20" - 44"

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