The HealthSmart DUO Handle White 640-2002-0016

HealthSmart DUO Beverage Handle


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  • The HealthSmart DUO Handle easily snaps on to everyday cups, mugs, bottles, and glasses.

    The DUO Handle provides maximum stability and grip while drinking.

    A universal option to simply convert your current daily drink ware for those with limited grip or suffering from Arthritis.

    With a modern design, available in 3 different colors, that does not scream " sippy cup".

    The Duo Handle's innovative wraparound design protects the user from the mug's hot surfaces.


    Special Notes:

    When using the DUO Handle with a mug, always use both hands

    Also, be sure to clip the DUO Handle to the mug before the hot liquids are added.

    Do NOT Microwave.

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  • Duo Beverage Handle Available Colors


    White Duo Beverage Handle:

    The HealthSmart DUO Handle White on Front Mug 640-2002-0016The HealthSmart DUO Handle White on White Coffee Mug 640-2002-0016

     Blue Duo Beverage Handle:

    Blue HealthSmart DUO Handle 640-2002-0015Blue HealthSmart DUO Handle on white coffee mug 640-2002-0015

     Red DUO Beverage Handle:

    Red HealthSmart DUO Handle Front 640-2002-0008Red HealthSmart DUO Handle on white coffee mug 640-2002-0008


    DUO Beverage Handle From Above: 

    HealthSmart DUO Handle from above 640-2002-0008


  • Dimensions

    4" x 3" x 3.5" (Approximately)

    Product Weight: 1.9 oz

    Care/Washing Instructions: Hand wash in warm water, be sure to dry thoroughly before use.

    Manufacturer: Briggs

    Manufacturer Model Number:

    Blue: 640-2002-0015

    White: 640-2002-0016

    Red: 640-2002-0008

    Made Of: Plastic

  • Return Policy


    This item may be returned within 30 days if the product is in new, resalable condition. All parts, instructions and original packaging MUST be present.



    Delivers within 2 weeks:

    This item ships directly from the manufacturer. Delivery is usually within two weeks.