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  • The Dependa-Bar provides an unmatched range of shower and bathtub support

    The Dependa-Bar features traditional grab bar support.

    But, it also features innovative pivot and lock technology allowing for 5 different locked positions.

    Each one of the positions is 45 degrees.

    This allows the Dependa-Bar to be there when you need it showering or bathing, but can also be locked against the wall when not in use.

    Caregiver Tips

    Users who have suffered a stroke, partial paralysis or have neuromuscular disorders may find that the Dependa-Bar offers life changing support.

    The standard bar placed on the left side wall of someone with left sided paralysis will provide no help.

    Where the Dependa-Bar, can be pivoted to an open position in front of the user.

    This provides the user a safe, centralize, and well-balanced point of support to shower independently.

    The Dependa-Bar with the Knurling pattern offers an increased level of grip in the wet shower.

    The Knurling process features a diamond pattern cut directly into the bar's stainless steel metal. 

    Also, do not forget to tighten and double check the Dependa-Bar's mounting screws routinely

  • Technical Information

    Dependa-Bar Installation and Use Instructions

    Dependa-Bar Technical Specifications

    Rail Diameter: 1.25”

    Pivot Rail Length: 17” (20” from bathroom wall)

    Pivot Rail Locking Positions: 5 (every 45 degrees)

    Fixed Grab Bar Length: 18”

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Finishes: Anti-microbial white powder coat or Knurled

    Weight Capacity: 325lbs

    Installation: Contractor Recommended

Type: Grab Bar

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