29" White Nylon and Terrycloth Deluxe sock aid 640-8140-0055

Deluxe Sock Aid


The Deluxe Sock Aid is an ideal tool to make starting your day that much easier.

The Deluxe Sock Aid is perfect for those with limited flexibility or are recovering from knee, hip, or back surgery.

The Aid helps one pull up their socks and stocking without having to bend over or even raise your leg up!

With the Aid's 29" cloth straps and easy to grab loop-style handles, putting on your socks has never been easier or simpler.

 The Deluxe Sock Aid is constructed of Terrycloth fabric for a durable, easy to use, and convenient sock solution.

The Terrycloth construction provides for a secure grasp on your socks or stockings, free from annoying slipping.

While its interior is lined with smooth nylon to prevent unnecessary friction.


Length: 29 Inches (Including Straps)

Width: 12 Inches

Depth: 1/2 inch

Made of:

Interior: Nylon

Exterior: Terrycloth

Item Number: 640-8140-0055