Red Deluxe Redware Dinnerware Set 641-4538-0001

Deluxe Redware Dinnerware Set


The Deluxe Redware Dinnerware Set provides a partitioned dish with lid, inner-lip plate, drinking cup, fork, and spoon.

All of the set's pieces have been designed to make dining frustration-free. The Deluxe Redware Dinnerware set is the perfect combination to begin building your kitchen's adaptive tools.

The included fork and spoon are designed with extra thick handles for easier holding and gripping.

The included cup also has CC markings for simple liquid measurement.

All of the parts of the Deluxe Redware Dinner Set are both microwave and dishwasher safe for easy preparation and cleanup.


Why the Bright Red Coloring?

A 2004 study out of Boston University (Article) reported that 40 percent of Alzheimer's patients experience significant weight loss. The study advises that significant weight loss is a result in part of the patients' difficulty to determine contrast between colors. This challenge can be caused by light-colored food on light-colored dinnerware.

But, when the patients were given the option to use bright, high contrast colors for the dinnerware.

The researchers discovered that the patients increased their liquid intake by 84 percent and their food intake by 24 percent.

Available Color: Red

Includes: Partitioned dish with lid, inner-lip plate, drinking cup, fork, and spoon

Made Of: Plastic

Care/Washing Instructions: Dishwasher Safe