Deluxe over the door silver pulley exercise set with blue plastic grips 660-2030-0000

Deluxe Over The Door Pulley Exercise Set


Deluxe Over The Door Exercise Pulley Set is designed to work out your upper body effectively and safely!

All within the comfort and privacy of your or own home. The set fits upon the top of most common doors, whether in your bedroom, kitchen, or living room.

Deluxe Over the Door Pulley Exercise Set will activate your upper body's muscles and improve your range of motion.

The system is composed of 2 plastic grips that attach to the pulley's themselves which hang from the kit's door attachment.

The door attachment portion (the steel part shaped like an S) locks over top of your door securely. From the hanger portion, 2 metal pulleys are attached for proper resistance.

One can easily use the system standing either parallel or perpendicular to the door itself depending on your assigned exercise.

Applicable for arthritis, tendonitis, frozen shoulder syndrome, rotator cuff injury, capsulitis and bursitis

Here are some links to some articles that provide further information about both shoulder/joint pain and effective use of over the door pulley system for fitness and recovery. 

Width: 2.13"

Length: 15.5"

Height: 3.6"

Made of: Metal, rope, and plastic grip handles

Product Weight 1.7lb