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Deluxe Ambulation Gait Belts


Extra handhold straps and padded waist area make this Deluxe Ambulation Gait Belt a top choice!

4 horizontal and 3 vertical holding straps allow the caregiver to distribute weight across the forearms.

Has a super strong seatbelt-style buckle that latches securely.

It makes transferring and supporting easier and more comfortable for both the caregiver and patient.

Stop pulling on clothing or arms during assisted transfers!

Hold onto a gait belt while transferring someone from a wheelchair to their bed.

Gait belts are often recommended to help caregivers transfer patients or keep them steady as they walk.

Pulling a person up from under the arms or by the belt loops can be difficult for the patient and the caregiver.

Lifting is more secure and comfortable for the patient when a gait belt is used.

What differentiates the Deluxe Ambulation Gait Belt from the others is its handholds.

Multiple nylon straps around the belt offer many different ways to support and lift a patient from the front, the back or the side.

This positioning is important to assure the caregiver can approach from a position that avoids back injury.

The caregiver can also slide their forearms through a loop and then grab a second loop, spreading the weight and ensuring a solid grip.

Multiple handholds allow a caregiver to find the safest and most comfortable position for transfers.

The waist strap is padded to offer maximum comfort to the patient. Simply buckle it around your patient, adjust the size once and it will be the right size every time you use it. It is also easy to tighten or loosen according to differences in clothing bulk.

Whether used in a home or in a professional setting, gait belts provide the extra leverage a caregiver needs.

This Deluxe Gait Belt offers more comfort and holding options than most other available gait belts.

Recommended Waist Size: 28" to 52"

Overall Belt length: Approximately 52"

Adjustable Nylon Waist Straps: 2" W x 5" L in the middle, tapering gradually on either side

Vertical Holding Straps: 1" W x 5" L

Horizontal Holding Straps: 1" W x 10" L

Product Weight: 12 oz