www.youtube.com/embed/nGI-BKnfxTU Stander Curve Grab White Stander Curve Grab bar Diagram
www.youtube.com/embed/nGI-BKnfxTU Stander Curve Grab White Stander Curve Grab bar Diagram

Stander - Curve Grab Bar


The Stander Curved Grab Bar is a space saving support rail that allows one to safely rise from a seated position with 4 different hand grips at 4 different heights

The Pivoting Curved Grab Bar locks into 5 different positions.

This grab bar has so many gripping and 'climbing' possibilities.

Ideal for use next to the toilet

Pivots 180° with 5 locking positions

Includes horizontal bar for additional support

Mobility Solution for Increased Independence in the Bathroom

Ladder-style grab bar makes it easier to get up and down!

This curved grab bar is the perfect solution for increasing independence in the bathroom. Place it next to the toilet and it provides an excellent way to sit and rise. The L-shaped grab bar has a pivoting ladder-style grab bar as well as a horizontal wall-mounted bar. Use the ladder to walk your hands up as you reach a standing position. The horizontal bar provides added stability while you sit, stand or maneuver.

The ladder section of the bar pivots 180°. The pivoting mechanism is released with a pull knob and the bar can be maneuvered 180° with 5 locking positions. This makes it great for areas where the bar needs to be out of the way for space or better access. It also means it can be placed just where you need it for the best gripping capability.

Installs quickly into two wall studs.

More independence in the bathroom means less caregiver strain and more user privacy.  

Promotes Safety & Mobility – Protects against falls and makes standing or sitting easy

Stand Easily - 4 hand grips make it easy to climb to a standing position

Pivoting Grab Bar - Pivots to a comfortable position for easy standing

Matches With Your Home - Comes in white to blend with the look and feel of your existing bathroom

Adaptable – Can be pivoted to the position most convenient for the user

Horizontal Bar – Provides extra stability during standing

Space Saving Design – Pivots and locks against the wall when not needed

Compatible: 7- 10ft ceilings

Length of Curve Handle: 18.75"

Product Length: 40"

Length of Horizontal Base Bar: 14"

Length of Extension from the Wall at 90 Degree Position: 12.5"

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Product Weight: 12 lbs

Warranty: Lifetime

Manufacturer: Stander

Model Numbers: 9000