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Cordless Weight Sensing Pads & Mats


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Bed Pads
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  • The Smart Caregiver Cordless Pads and Mats are weight-sensing surfaces.

    When the pads and mats are triggered, they send a silent, wireless, alert to your system's receiver.


    These mats and pads are compatible with these wireless Smart Caregiver receivers:


     433-CMU Smart Caregiver 40 Channel Monitor

    Wireless Economy Central Monitoring System 433-CMU


     Smart Caregiver 433-EC

    Economy Cordless Exit Alarm Monitor 433-EC


     Smart Caregiver TL-2100G


    Cordless Bed or Chair Exit Alarm Monitor  TL-2100G


    The Cordless Chair and Bed Pads are placed beneath the residents and when they attempt to stand up an alert is triggered.

    The Cordless Floor Mats and Landing Mat can be placed in a resident's doorway or by the side of their bed to detect unauthorized and unsafe movement.

    Each monitor and pad have a range of 300 feet.

    This lets the caregiver ensure a safe environment for each resident while eliminating disruptive in room noise.

  • Bed Pads


    10" x 30" Bed Pad

    Cordless 10" x 30" Bed Pad GBT-RI

    20" x 30" Bed Pad

    Cordless 20" x 30" Bed Pad GBT-WI

    The Bed Pads are available in 2 Different sizes, 10" x 30" and 20" x 30"

    The Bed Pads are sealed and are designed to resist fluids

    The pads can be placed underneath the user's shoulders or hips.

    Once pressure has been removed the pad will transmit an alert to the Central Monitor Unit

    Both Bed Pads include a 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty 

  • Chair Pads

    10" x 15" Cordless Chair Sensor Pad GCT-WI

    The 10" x 15" Cordless Chair Pad can detect when pressure is applied and even slightly removed

    Once the pressure has been removed, or the user begins to rise, an alert will be sent to the Central Monitor Unit

    The Chair Pad is sealed and designed to withstand liquids

    Includes a 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty 

  • Floor & Landing Mats


    24" x 36" Black

    24" x 36" Black Cordless Floor Mat FMT-03C

    24" x 36" Gray

    24" x 36" Gray Cordless Floor Mat FMT-05C

    24" x 48" Gray

    Gray Cordless 24" x 48" Floor Mat FMT-07C


    The Cordless Floor Mats are available in 3 Different styles

    These mat's size and durability are ideal for the bedside, exits, or entrance ways

    Once pressure is applied to the Floor Mat an alert will be sent to the Central Monitor Unit

    All of the Floor Mats come with a 1 Year Warranty




    24" x 48" Cordless Grey Landing Mat

     Smart Caregiver LM-01C


    The Cordless Grey Landing Mat provides a soft cushion to help prevent fall injuries.

    The 1 inch think Fall Pad will send an alert to a TL-2100G or 433-EC monitor, alerting the caregiver

    Features beveled edges and is made of a woven, non-slip surface eliminating the risk of tripping

    The durable polyurethane material of the LM-01C Landing Mat is durable enough for daily use

  • Item Numbers

    Cordless Bed Sensor Pad 10" x 30": GBT-RI

    Cordless Bed Sensor Pad 20" x 30": GBT-WI

    Cordless Chair Sensor Pad: GCT-WI

    Cordless 24" x 36" Black Floor Mat: FMT-03C

    Cordless 24" x 36" Gray Floor Mat: FMT-05C

    Cordless 24" x 48" Gray Floor Mat: FMT-07C

    Cordless Landing Mat Grey 24" x 48" : LM-01C

    Made In: China

    Brand Name: Smart Caregiver 

  • Return Policy


    This item may be returned within 30 days if the product is in new, resalable condition. All parts, instructions and original packaging MUST be present.



    Ships Same Day if ordered before 3 PM EST.

    Will ship the following business day if ordered after 3PM EST.

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