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EZ-Access - Concierge Power Door Opener


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  • The Concierge Residential Power Door Opener helps residential doorways improve their accessibility. 

    Economical, lightweight, and easy to install. 

    No modifications to the door or jambs necessary.

    One must only plug the Concierge into a typical outlet. 

    Additional safety features are available, such as an adjustable door hold-open time (0-30 seconds), automatic load sensor when the door encounters an obstruction, and a thermally-protected drive motor. 

    Customize your Concierge to your needs. There are a variety of different controls and openers available to provide optimum accessibility. 

    For detailed schematics and installation information, the system's manual is listed on the specifications tab. 


    Door Openers

    1-, 2-, & 4- button remotes, garage door style handheld transmitter

    1-button remote pendant

    Exterior, wall mounted, lighted keypad

    Wall-mounted push-plate


    Electric Door Lock

    Enables the door to be secured while closed. 

    Releases automatically by the door opener or manually with a key. 

    Adams Rite 7440 electric strike features a 4-7/8" faceplate and can be used in hollow metal or wood door jambs and steel or wood doors. 

    UL 1034 listed for burglary-resistance. 


    Determine Your Door Swing Direction

    With the door open, stand on the inside of the door frame with your back to the hinges.

    - If your left hand is nearest to the doorknob, then the door is left-handed.

    - If your right hand is nearest to the doorknob, then the door is right-handed. 

    Here are some of the positives and negatives of each mounting type to help you decide which is best for your application.

    Regular Arm: This is the only pull-side application where a double lever arm is used. It is the most power efficient application for a door closer. Since the arm assembly projects directly out from the door frame, the Regular Arm mounting may present aesthetic issues.

    Top Jamb: For efficiency reasons this application provides the best alternative to the Regular Arm mounting. Top Jamb mounting provides the best door control for doors in exterior walls that swing out of the building. The entire door closer and arm assemble project from the frame, similar to the Regular Arm mounting.

  • Easy To Use

    Can be operated manually or with a variety of wireless remotes, keypads, or push plates.


    The door can always be opened manually from either side (although a key may be required).

    If the door encounters an obstruction during the opening cycle, the friction clutch will slip, timeout and close.

    Thermally-protected drive motor.

    Complies with ANSI standard 156.19 – 2002. 


    Simple Install

    The Concierge fits both interior and exterior door applications with no modification to the door or jamb when installing.



    The Concierge Door Opener is virtually maintenance free.


    Multiple Configurations

    Left and right-hand door openers are available and the hand can be changed in the field in a matter of minutes.

  • Product dimensions: 12.75” W x 6” H x 3.5” D

    Weight: 10 lbs.

    Material/Finish: Cover Gray ABS Plastic. Steel arm is painted

    Activation: Dry contact momentary signal, wireless.

    Cycle Time: 7-8 seconds to open; 7-8 seconds to close

    Time hold open: 0 - 30 seconds adjustable

    Activation: Radio 300 (Mhz) or wired controls

    Motor: 115 VAC gear motor

    Made In: USA

    Warranty: One Year

    For further specifications & instructions: 

    Concierge - Door Mount Left - 23DL Manual

    Concierge - Door Mount Right -23DR Manual

    Concierge - Jamb Mount Left -  23JL Manual

    Concierge - Jamb Mount Right - 23JR Manual

    Concierge Door Opener Brochure

    Concierge Door Warranty

    Concierge Door Evaluation


    Product Numbers:

    Concierge - Door Mount Left - 23DL

    Concierge - Door Mount Right -23DR

    Concierge - Jamb Mount Left -  23JL

    Concerge - Jamb Mount Right - 23 JR

    Concierge Keypad - KEM

    Concierge Pushpad - PIM

    Concierge Garage Door Style 1, 2, 4 Button - RGD1, RGD2, & RGD4

    Concerge Remote Pendant - RP1

    Electric Strike - ESP

    Electric Strike Plate - ESPAR 

Type: Mobility

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