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Collapsible Water Dam for Roll-In Showers


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  • The Collapsible Water Dam creates a barrier to keep water from leaking out of your curbless shower.

    The Water Dam collapses when it is stepped on or rolled over and then returns to its original shape.

    Resists stains, mold, and bacteria

    Ideal for curbless showers and other areas where water needs to be contained.

    Special Note: Only available in white

    Collapsible Water Dam keeps water inside your curbless shower!

    Is water seeping out from your roll-in shower onto the bathroom floor?

    Barrier-free shower stalls are easier for people in wheelchairs or with limited mobility to get into. Unfortunately, if the water isn't draining as fast as it should you might end up with water all over your bathroom floor. Not only is it messy but it is a safety hazard.

    A Collapsible Water Dam is designed to allow wheelchairs and rolling shower chairs unrestricted access to the shower.

    Made of a heavy duty foam, the Water Dam collapses when it is stepped on or rolled over. When the pressure is removed, the foam returns to its original shape - and it will return to that shape every time.

    Installing the 1" high collapsible water retainer is simple. The self-adhesive, water resistant tape on the bottom ensures a secure seal. Cut the strip to the length you need, seal the ends with caulk and let everything dry.

    How to Install the Collapsible Water Dam in a Modular Shower with Radius/Rounded End Caps Instructions

    How to Install The Collapsible Water Dam in Square Cornered Shower

    Two different types of end caps are available to provide a more "finished" look to the ends of the Water Dam.

    The 66", 96", & 72" kits come with a pair of soft, rubbery, rounded end caps

    A squared end cap with slightly harder plastic and straight edges are also available.  

    These water retainers are available:

    In a 66" strip with 1 pair of rounded end caps 

    In a 72" strip with 1 pair of rounded end caps

    In a 96" strip with 1 pair of rounded end caps

    Custom and bulk lengths of the dam are available. Contact us today for details.  

    The Collapsible Water Dam resists stains, mold, and bacteria.

    Add one to the floor of your roll-in shower and enjoy the ease and convenience that your barrier free shower offers!

    Special Notes: Please measure and assess your need carefully. Once the Collapsible Water Dam has been cut or installed it is not returnable.

    Please Note: You can also cut the Water Dam to size as needed. However, once the Collapsible Water Dam has been cut or installed it is not returnable.

    Use The Collapsible Water Dam with a Weighted Shower Curtain for the best water containment protection. 

  • Dimensions

    Height: 1" H

    Width: 1.5"

    Length: 66", 72" or 96"

    Product Weight: 0.7 lb

    Made of: Heavy Duty Foam

    Color: Neutral (can be painted)

    Made In: USA

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Type: Bathroom

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