TL-2100CP Change Pad Indicator Bed & Chair Monitor

Change Pad Indicator & Exit Monitor - TL-2100CP


The monitor functions with "Timed" Bed & Chair Sensor Pads to automatically track "time-in-use" and will alert caregivers 10 days prior to pad expiration.

Just place the pad beneath the resident and when the resident gets up off of the pad, the monitor's alarm is triggered.

Caregivers can avoid having to note dates on the pad or even more importantly move the resident and pull back the bed sheet to check the pad's expiration date.

When used in conjunction with the timed chair and bed pressure pads, the TL-2100CP will help you save time and staff resources.

Simple to Use

Monitor can be mounted by the residents wheelchair or bedside connected to the corded sensor pad.

When pressure is removed from the pad, the monitor will sound alerting the caregiver.

F-Tag Compliance

A light will alert the caregiver 10 days before the pad's life expiration. An additional short beep will also notify caregivers that it is time to change the resident's pad.


Monitor automatically counts the days the pad has been in use and sends and alert when the pad is near expiration

Patented Tamperproof Caregiver Key - only the caregiver can turn the monitor off

Safety Auto Reset - the alert automatically resets when pressure is re-applied to the sensor pad

No Unsafe Off Switch - this prevents the resident from tampering with the monitor

Status Light - the monitor's raised status lights lets caregivers see the monitor's alarm from a distance

Patented Pad Lost Notification- notifies the caregivers if the connection between the monitor and sensor pad has become disconnected

Battery Powered - monitor runs on 3-AA batteries or optional AC adapter

Low Battery Notification- light will flash to notify the caregiver that the monitor's batteries are running low

Nurse Call Capability- the monitor's nurse call adapter allows for use with a hardwired nurse call system, allowing caregivers to monitor the residents through and existing call system

Adjustable Volume & Different Alarm Styles

Monitor is encased in a protective boot




Tl-2100 CP Change Pad Indicator Fall Monitor Manual

Change Pad Indicator Monitor Dimensions: 1" x 3.5" x 4.5" (L x W x H)

Batteries & Power: 3 - AA batteries or separate AC adapter