e2 Ceiling Mount Trapeze Handle


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  • Ceiling Mounted Trapeze's handle helps you maneuver in your bed when you have limited strength in your lower body.

    Designed to assist in repositioning and sitting up.

    Ladder-like set of rails with non-slip material for an easy grip.

    Installs like a grab bar on the ceiling.

    Ideal for people who need to pull on something to help them sit up or reposition themselves in bed.

    The innovative e2 Trapeze Handle is secured to the ceiling with a grab bar type mount. When it is positioned over the bed, you can reach up and grab onto it to help you sit up or provide support while you reposition yourself.

    The e2 Trapeze Handle simulates two rungs on a ladder.

    This design increases your leverage when climbing up to a seated position and gives you a lot of room for hand placement. When you don't need the trapeze, you can slide it to the side or lift up on the Strap Slider and remove it altogether.

    It is not a cumbersome apparatus.

    The Ceiling Mounted Trapeze Handle doesn't use floor space, so it won't be in your way during transfers.

    The grab bar is mounted to the ceiling (preferably directly into studs) and then the Strap Slider hooks over the grab bar.

    These special fasteners spread out behind the ceiling, adding strength to the wall board.

    Special Notes

    We recommend professional installation for all grab bars.

    Installation hardware is not included.

    For most secure installation, mount on a stud using 2"" long screws.

  • e2 Ceiling Mount Trapeze

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    Diameter: 0.8""

    Grip Lengths: 10"" and 6""

    Strap: up to 72""

    Grab Bar:

    Diameter: 1.25""


    STP-E2-CM-24: 32""

    STP-E2-CM-32: 24""

    Strap Slider: 24""

    Weight Capacity: 300 lb with no more than 150 lb of exerted weight.

    (Under normal use, much of the body weight is supported by the bed.)

    Product Weight

    Grab Bar: 3 lb

    Trapeze: 3 lb

    Hook and Strap: 3 lb

    Warranty: One Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

    Batteries/Electric No

    Made of:

    Grab Bar and Trapeze: Steel with white enamel powder coat.

    Hook: Steel with white enamel powder coat. Polyethylene caps cover the hooks.

    Strap: Nylon

    Professional Ratings Medicare Billing Code: #E0940 (Freestanding trapeze)

    Made In: Canada

    Brand Name: Healthcraft

Type: Bedroom

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