Caregiver Shower Curtain


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  • The Caregiver Attendant Shower curtain is specially designed to make bathing easier. The curtain protects the caregiver from the shower's water while providing reachable access to assist the bather. It is designed to swing away from the shower stall for entrance and exit. 

    The shower curtain is constructed with weights at its bottom seam to reduce the curtain from drifting. It's engineered specifically for use in commercial ADA barrier-free, curb-less and low threshold shower stalls or bathtubs. 

    The curtain is 66" wide for a 60" shower opening to reduce water leakage in its corners. 

    The curtain is 33" high providing the caregiver coverage and access to the bather. It should be installed at a height where it can touch the floor to effectively control water spillage. 

    The curtain is made of white, nylon fabric. It is machine washable. And it made from a mildew and fungus resistant material. 

Type: Bathroom

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